Do you have anything for my shitzhu/(or other breed) that is 4mos. old?

First step is to check our SIZES page - a thorough guide in getting your fur babies' actual size. Each pet clothe maker over the years develop their size guides. This is our best selling sizes you can choose from - just go through the instructions patiently as you can.

As much as we like to make guesses on your fur babies sizes - we usually end up with returns and exchanges that further hassles our clients. So if you need additional help - please do not hesitate to message us through info@pawshk9couture.com or through FB Messenger - so we can guide you accordingly.

How To Order?

1. Determine your pet's size by understanding our SIZES page.

2. Browse through our menu/navigation pages - we have assorted styles available for STUDS(males) & BITCHES(female) as well as in our PK9Basic Pages that is good for both genders.

3. In every product page, we have a drop menu for different size variants so don't forget to choose the size you will need as each size vary in pricing and quantity available.

4. Add To Cart all your desired choices and Continue Shopping button if you need to add more items. Hit Shopping Cart button once you are prepared to checkout.

5. Once you proceed to your shopping cart - you will see your chosen items and it's pricing and quantity chosen. Just hit the remove button from your Shopping Cart should you wish to change items or make additional changes before Check Out process.

6. Once your orders are final and you wish to proceed directly by check out with Paypal it should re direct you to Paypal Checkout instantly.

But if you use the Check Out Button - it will direct you to a form where you can input your shipping address and information. We normally need the following info - NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT NO. & EMAIL info.

7. After hitting the Continue to shipping method button (above) it will show you a summary of your supplied information and at this point you can choose to continue to payment method or make necessary edits to your supplied information.

8. In the payment method - we have common payment schemes for your convenience. 

9. After choosing the payment option of your choice - hit the CONFIRMATION Button and wait for our confirmation email where you will be given Bank Details for deposits and Personnel info details for Money Transfer and other instructions in fulfilling your orders.