• PK9 Basic Polo (11)

PK9 Basic Polo (11)


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Code: PK9BasicSP11

Brown cotton with pink and white checkered cotton combination with snap buttons and square back style.



Our sizing options has been developed over the years of our selling experience and based on our clientele's needs:


Neck Size: (Please follow guide with red marks in photo above) 

* Best to measure the area where their collars fall - it will be the best area to measure their neck size. Add allowance by adding 2 of your fingers in measuring.

Girth/Chest Size: (Please follow guide with blue marks in photo above)

* Best to measure the area close to their front legs and around the body - this is their widest area, again add allowance by adding 2 of your fingers in measuring. And for full fluff haired breeds, add 1-2 inches to accommodate their fur in the measurement.

Length Size: (Please follow guide with green marks in photo above)

* Best to begin measurement from where the neck measurement ends, upto the beginning or and inch before tail.

Leg Length Size: (Please follow guide below)

*Preferably begin before the tail upto floor length is the measurement to give - we will adjust accordingly 1-2" before the floor for the finished product. In measuring your pooches, make sure they are in a relaxed mode and slightly flex their legs outwards to best get length size. Please take time in measuring your pets and refrain measuring them in a sleeping mode or lying down because it alters their true size.

PK9 Leg Length Guide


You will encounter in some products sub sizes to be available. It is a size in between the normal length of our basic sizes.

(MS) Medium Short - length is 12" 

(SS) Small Short -  length is 10" 

(SL) Small Long -  length is 12" 

(XSS) XS Short - length is 9" 

Type: PawshK9 Basic Polo    

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