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Furmagic came from the great minds of the Council of Wizards to keep you furbabies' coat shiny, smooth, and always smelling fresh. 

It is made from the most magical ingredients including Madre de Cacao oil extract, Neem oil extract, and Aloe Vera extract. To make it more effective, the Council of Wizards infused it with their very own Fast Acting Stemcell Technology (F.A.S.T.) which makes it one of the most marvelous dog shampoo in all the land.

Fast Acting Stemcell Technology is designed and formulated on the cellular level in order to achieve magical effects instantly. Furmagic dog shampoo contains the following herb oil extracts for the following benefits: MADRE DE CACAO OIL EXTRACT - A herb extract well known to be very effective in treating mange and other skin disease NEEM OIL EXTRACT - A proven effective herb extract that kills ticks  fleas and mites ALOE VERA OIL EXTRACT - A herb extract popularly know to enhance the volume  silkiness  smoothness  and shininess of a dog's coat. 

What’s the difference between the blue and purple Furmagic?

-They have the same formulation. The difference is the scent. The blue one, which is our original scent, is inspired by D&G Light Blue while the purple one is inspired by Ralph Lauren for Men. 

Can Furmagic kill ticks and fleas?

-Yes, because it has neem oil extract which is clinically proven effective to kill ticks, fleas and mites.

My dog has dandruff and itching so much. Can Furmagic help?

-Most definitely because aside from its neem oil extract, Furmagic is also formulated with Madre de Cacao, which is well-known to be very effective in treating the most common skin diseases in dogs like mange, hotspots, dandruff and itchiness.

Vendor: PawshK9 Couture

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